About this page

In doing government service innovation we are constantly using and searching for tools that help us do this work efficiently as it develops. As the work changes so do the tools, they get better or worse, cost more or cease to exist so here is some info about the types of tools you might need and a list of tools we’re using for service innovation.

Design and collaboration tools

Development and implementation tools

We also constantly look for and occasionally build "reusable components" (like API enabled data, content, rules or transactional systems) or platforms that service design and delivery teams in government can build upon, rather than always reinventing the wheel. Please check out:

Other lists we are considering to add:

  • Data cleaning, scraping, management tools - see
  • Spatial tools
  • Project Management/productivity Tools - in development
  • Working Collaboratively Tools - in development
  • Broadcasting Tools - in development

Key things we look for in the tools we use:

  • Cost
    What can be done for free? How long until I/team reach these limits? Does someone have a license we can piggyback off?
  • Scale
    Individual vs team or organisation. How is it licensed?
  • Whitelist status
    Has this been approved by anyone? How did that happen? Can we do it too?
  • Integrations
    How many ways can I get my work out of this tool and how easy is it to put into another?
  • Access
    Can this be configured easily
  • Analytics
    How do we understand the value this tool is/isn’t creating?
  • Evolution
    How long has this been around? is it likely to exist next year?
  • Duplication
    Do we have a tool that already does this? What’s good/bad about it?