The LabPlus team did some analysis and experimentation with mixed realities and found a few key insights for agencies considering various mixed reality technologies. We also encourage agencies to check out the Augmented and Virtual Reality Emerging Tech Showcase we ran in January 2018 with some great case studies and knowledge for newbies.

The four high level categories of use of mixed reality are broadly:

  • To emulate and experiment with physical world (more VR) - Examples include Wellington town planning, learning to drive/fly/surgery, remote work
  • As a design aid - to design, test and experiment with users (VR/AR) - Examples include Immigration design of customs, IRD presentation of user research
  • To augment the experience of a person in realtime (AR) - Examples include many people's car (AR language translation), or shopping or emergency response applications
  • To tell stories and empathise in an immersive, 1st person format (VR) - Examples include movies 2.0 :) Interactive movies on Netflix, our experiment
  • Service delivery in new channels (from web/mobile to mixed reality) - Examples include almost all agency services.

We also recommend New Zealand agencies check out the work and leadership of the ProjectR Mixed Reality Centre.