In the NZ Service Innovation team we use "life events" as a handy lens to design and delivery new services with lead agencies, services that take into account the complex and complete user needs for a common user journey. More information about our life events work is here, but below are some tips in considering this approach.

Life Event based services tend to naturally traverse individual agencies and sectors because no substantial life event is limited to a single service provider or transaction. This is driving a new need and compelling reason to collaborate across agencies and with third parties on common goals around user needs.

Often user research is focused on an individual transaction which misses the process of a broader user journey and the context of a user outside of the agency specific view. Understanding the user needs by mapping the broader journey is a great way to identify other organisations to collaborate with and to design ways to meet the user need more broadly.

The most successful life event model we have seen to date is to involve naturally aligned service delivery organisations in the ongoing governance (decision making, prioritization, opportunities analysis) of the service, a stewardship group. Our broader Service Innovation Work Program is itself co-governed and co-funded across multiple agencies, which is quite a unique and an important arrangement in enabling a cross agency approach to the work.