This is a page of communities and channels for collaboration across and with government service innovation teams. We also recommend you read our page on how to Innovate at scale with some of our lessons as a small team trying to influence change across the public sector.

Communities, chat and discussion channels

Innovation labs and co-working spaces

We encourage public servants and design teams in government to seek out, explore and spend some time working in these kinds of lab environments or co-working spaces. It gives some ideas about the opportunities in a physical and social space conducive to engagement, collaboration, agile methods and peer review/support.


  • Service Innovation Lab - the DIA hosted collaboration lab for the Service Innovation work agenda
  • BizDojo - a bustling Wellington based Council supported co-working space
  • Lightning Lab Govtech - provides a structured and methodology-based experimentation environment for rapid innovation in the public sector with the aim to deliver seamless digital public services that delight consumers.